We believe that Defence and Emergency Services personnel do an incredible job of providing security and assistance in times of need.

We believe that they should not be put needlessly at risk in doing their jobs, and that by reducing the amount of time where they are exposed to danger, through the use of drones, we can help save their lives, and help them to save the lives of others.

Fire Truck
Flying Drone in the Sky


We do this by first understanding the problem you are trying to solve and the risks you face, and then we help you to design and implement the solution that’s right for you.

This includes making sure that you are choosing the right technology to meet your needs, ensuring that the technology is integrated into your existing business, and that the appropriate frameworks are in place to minimise your risk. Whatever your Unmanned Systems needs, you’ll find us right there with you.


Mirragin was founded by Robert Sutton, an Aviation Engineer and Project Manager, who was a formative member of the Australian Army’s drone program.

Robert saw the incredible potential of drones to keep frontline personnel safe from harm and founded Mirragin to help to bring the power of this technology to other service organisations. The name “Mirragin” was chosen as it means “stars” in Yuggera, the language of the land on which it was founded. It represents both the local connection, and the hopes we have of making a difference in the world.

Military Men

At Mirragin, we have a deep understanding of both the local Unmanned Systems industry and the Defence and Emergency Services organisations with whom we work. We are deeply connected as part of the Australian drone ecosystem. Our whole team are veterans, and have had in-depth experience in both the manned aviation industry and the drone industry. We can bring this depth of understanding and connection to our work with you.

If you are responsible for frontline personnel, and are looking for ways to keep your team safe, then unmanned systems are an essential part of the answer. We can help you to identify ways to use drones within your organisation.