The Diagnostic Workshop will explore challenges or current issues which may exist within your organisation as you attempt to successfully implement a specified drone application. The Diagnostic Workshop allows our team to understand the requirements of your application, review and assess your challenges and allow us to provide insight and direction which enables you to continue moving forwards with your successful implementation.


The Diagnostic Workshop occurs across a one-day period and includes the following:

  • Review of your organisations mission, values and strategic objectives.
  • A detailed review of the immediate challenge being faced, for which you are using drone technology as a solution.
  • A detailed review of existing actions taken, current issues and risks in relation to the implementation of the drone project.
  • Development of viable courses of action to resolve the conflict
  • Detailed analysis of the preferred courses of action
  • Workshop facilitators (two personnel)
  • Workshop facilities, and
  • Meals and refreshments


The primary output of the Diagnostic Workshop, is the Diagnostic Workshop Report Document, which includes the following:

  • An outline of the strategic objectives for the organisation
  • A description of issues currently faced within the deployment of your drone program, including opportunities, threats, issues and other additional risks
  • The results of the course of action session and initial assessment
  • The results of the detailed analysis of the preferred courses of action
  • Recommendations for next steps and the way forward

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