The Drone Business Review will engage with your organisation and provide clarity and understanding with regards to how drones are currently being used within the organisation The Business Review will identify additional applications, program improvements or additional requirements necessary to the drone program to bring additional value to the business.


Our specialist team will conduct a intensive workshop, which will include:

  • Review of your organisations mission, values and strategic objectives.
  • Discussion on the basics of using drones within an organisation (including risk, common use cases and the components of an unmanned system)
  • An ideation session to scope a wide range of potential applications for drone technology in the organisation.
  • Identification of a launch road map, including next steps
  • Workshop facilitators (two personnel)
  • Workshop facilities, and
  • Meals and refreshments


The primary output of the Drone Business Review, is the Business Review Document, which includes the following:

  • An outline of the strategic objectives for the organisation
  • A description of the existing business, including opportunities, risks and issues
  • The results of the ideation session, and
  • Road map / next steps

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