Mirragin Unmanned Systems helps organisations keep their staff safe through the successful implementation of drones. We achieve this goal through:

  • Strategy, risk and project management
  • Technology selection and integration
  • Change management and ongoing support


As part of this monthly service offering, your organisation receives the following value:

  • 1 x half day workshop – the objective of this workshop is to focus on your specific areas of your drone program, including: strategy and planning, troubleshooting, monitoring & governance, top issues, other support that may be required
  • Monthly Online Working Group – This online webinar is designed to share topic of interest in an informal setting with other drone users. It allows ongoing and routine sharing of information and discussion on specific topic relating to our clients. This webinar provides insight to the success and learnings of other drone implementations to further aid your organisations development.
  • Phone & email support – Our team will provide additional support to further aid your implementation
  • On demand consultancy – Based on the needs of your organisation, we enable access to discounted rates of consulting
  • Task Management – ability to engage Mirragin to conduct end-to-end drone tasks as necessary)
  • Access and Advice – We provide access to drone industry networks and advice on potential discounts for enabling products, including:

    a) physical assets
    b) operational platforms
    c) training
    d) insurance
    e) finance

  • Optional – Opportunity to contribute and be featured on the Drones for Good Podcast, as well as look to incorporate costs into your new, or existing Telstra bill

Additionally, all our clients also receive:

  • AAUS Corporate Membership (Australian Association for Unmanned Systems)

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Drone with first aid kit flying over the town, Emergency medical

We appreciate our client’s needs are unique and we’ve met this challenge with a unique offering that provides drone consultancy as a service. This offering provides your organisation with personalised content, access to industry professionals and greater education to envisage, develop and improve drone projects and programs.

We also value our role in education and support of the entire drone industry. Some ways in which we currently participate and contribute to the industry are:

  • Drones for Good podcast
  • Australian Drone Ecosystem Map