In order to make implementing drones within your organisation as quick and painless as possible, whilst ensuring that they work within your existing practices, we use our “4D method”: Define, Design, Deploy, Deliver.



Through our extensive knowledge of the unmanned systems industry, we can help you to understand the ways in which drones can contribute to your organisational strategy. We understand the risks involved in drone operations extensively, and can tailor this to your specific circumstances, to make sure that all risks are identified and mitigated as far as reasonably practicable. We can also help you manage your drone projects, from the initial idea all the way through to the end-of-life.


We have an extensive knowledge of the technologies used within the drone industry. We can help you to select the right technology, or if it does not already exist, we can help you to develop it. We also help to integrate this technology within your existing organisation so that it just works.


Like any project, change has to be effectively managed. We can help with this process, including the transition of the capability into service and communication with your staff and key stakeholders. Once the capability is in, we can help with ongoing support and management to ensure that the capability is meeting your goals, and is being continuously improved and adapted to new circumstances.

4D Method Service Delivery
Ultimately, we aid you to successfully implement your drone projects within your organisation, to help to keep your people as safe as they can be.
Drone Core Methodology


The first step is to have a good understanding of the problem or opportunity. This is the centre of it all: without a clear understanding of the problem, no solution will be effective. Once the central problem has been defined, a solution can be designed.


Once a solution has been designed, it needs to be deployed within your existing organisation in a planned and measured way. This includes transitioning your workforce to the new capability, effective communication to your team and the delivery of appropriate training and facilities, among other things. The transition process takes time, but is critical in ensuring that the capability can be sustained throughout the planned life of the system.


An unmanned aerial system is not just about the air vehicle, although that is the most visible part. You will see them in the air, at trade shows and on brochures but in many ways, the air vehicle is the least important part of the system. The system also includes the payloads which the unmanned vehicle carries, the control system, the data which is generated and the people which operate the system, interpret the data and whom make decisions from the data. Around this, the unmanned system needs to integrate into your existing technology. The solution will include all of these elements, and needs to be designed to best answer the problem.


Finally, we consider the delivery of the capability. The capability needs to be monitored and managed to ensure that it remains effective, and good value for money. In addition, because the technology behind unmanned systems is changing so rapidly, the organisation has to change rapidly as well, simply to keep up.

Our 4D method helps you to successfully implement a drone capability,
which will keep your people safe.

If you have seen the incredible power of drones to save lives, and are looking for ways to implement drones within your organisation, we can run a Strategic Flightpath workshop for you, during which we will spend the time to understand your organisation and your strategic goals, and then work with you to identify opportunities to use drones within your teams, to help to keep your people safe. Contact us now to schedule a time.

If you are already using drones within your organisation, and are experiencing challenges implementing this technology, we can also help through our diagnostic workshops, during which we will assist you to find a way forward.

Strategic Flightpath Diagram

The applications for drones vary from organisation to organisation. With Mirragin, our workshop consultants will walk you through various use cases to see which solutions would work best for your team.