The Strategic Flightpath Workshop will engage your organisation to understand the opportunities within the existing business to utilise drone technology across a number of key areas, those being – to drive safety, efficiency or enhanced capability outcomes throughout the organisation.

The Strategic Flightpath Workshop will provide a strategic framework to your organisation which will enable them to effectively and cohesively manage the implementation of drone technology successfully.


The Strategic Flightpath Workshop occurs across a full day period and includes the following:

  • Review of your organisations mission, values and strategic objectives.
  • A detailed review of your organisations existing business, including opportunities, issues and risks.
  • An ideation session to scope as wide a range of applications of drone technology as possible, in to address your organisations opportunities, issues and risks.
  • An initial assessment of the viability of each application
  • Prioritisation of each application
  • Workshop facilitators (two personnel)
  • Workshop facilities, and
  • Meals and refreshments


The primary output of the Strategic Flightpath Workshop, is the Strategic Flightpath Report , which includes the following:

  • An outline of the strategic objectives for the organisation
  • A description of the existing business including opportunities, threats, issues and other additional risks
  • The results of the ideation session and the initial assessment
  • Recommendations for next steps and the way forward

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